Stone Sculptures

Stone Carvings and Irish Heritage Gifts

Stone Carvings

pipeman stone sculpture

The Galway Salvage Gallery draws on its extensive carving experience to produce a range of unique one-off gifts fashioned from local stone, Connemara marble and preserved bog woods.  Pieces can be designed to suit any important life occasions, special events or presentations.

sheela na gig stone carving
connemara couple stone sculpture leafman stone carving
connemara couple stone sculpture golfer granite carving
trinity bathstone sculpture gift to president

Marble Seascape

Over the Hill

Black Marble Carving

Marble Wall Hanging

Men and Curragh

marble seascape carving over the hill marble carving black marble carving connemara marble carved wall hanging men and curagh marble carving

Candle Holder

Bog Oak

Bog Oak Carving

Bog Oak Sculpture

Eire Shamrock

celtic stone candle holders bog oak with stained glass bog oak carving bog oak female carving eire shamrock stone carving