Garden Seating

Garden Features and Furniture

Stone Features

achill stone bench for garden

At the salvage yard, we specialise in the creation of garden furniture and in particular, tables and stools.  There is also a wide repository of antique stone pieces such as troughs, quern stones, mill wheels, arches and bird baths. Personalised commemorative stone plaques for the garden are also available.

Sun stone carved water feature

limestone seat

stone trough trough thumb
limestone garden seat stone pedestal
liscannor flagstone table and chair sandstone statuette

Flag Table Set

Sandstone Table Set

Antique Birth Bath

Stone Bird Bath

Rustic Bird Bath

liscannor flag table set sandstone table set antique stone bird bath stone birdbath rustic bird bath


Limestone Inset

Hand Carving



  inset stone carving hand carving on limestone